How to become a Member

  • On becoming a member of the Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, you will receive a Japanese-language journal (twice a year) and access to browse English-language journals for free (four times a year). In addition, members are also able to participate in our annual convention as well as various meetings and activities.
  • For those wishing to become a member, please fill in the necessary details on the application form after reading the constitution of the society.
  • Annual membership fees are:
    • Regular members: 10,000 yen
    • Student members: 5,000 yen
    • Supporting member contribution: 50,000 yen
  • After completing new membership procedures, you will be sent an invoice for the membership fees. Please see the Bank transfer of membership fees for details.

    If you are a corporation or enterprise considering joining our society as a support member, please e-mail to the secretariat.

Registering a change in address or affiliation

  • If your address or affiliation changes, please fill out the notification (PDF or WORD) to register a change in member information and send it by e-mail etc. to the secretariat.

Withdraw from the Association

  • In the event that you wish to withdraw from the Association, please fill in the required information on the withdrawal form (PDF or WORD) and send it by e-mail etc. to the secretariat.